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16 Habits You Should Do Every Day

February 24, 2014 UPDATE This post was very popular and the experiment that spawned the article is still going (over 700 days now…) Get the updated article with more insights and in .pdf format from the authors personal blog right here I Overview II Paradigms III The 16 Daily Rituals IV Implementation I. Overview For […]

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Define your body.


Master your mind.


Guide your spirit.

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Fix Your Posture: Part I

What’s one of the first things about someone’s presence that you observe when they walk into a room? Consciously or subconsciously, you will notice how they stand and move. Are they walking with their back straight, shoulders pulled back, chest out, and chin up proudly? Or are they hunched over, head forward, and looking towards the ground? Whether you like it or not, people judge each other constantly, and first impressions do matter.

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The Curse of Man

You wake up. The hour does not matter to you anymore, because you have nowhere to be, and nothing to do. This is the curse of man, you think to yourself, as you do every morning. Waking up. Consciousness. Death would be preferable, if only you had the courage to seek it out. You stumble […]

Self Transformation Through Meditation

I Overview II Four Step Guide III Digest I. Overview   Meditation is a very powerful tool. Some things meditation helps develop are your concentration, your sensory awareness, your ability to be in the moment and flow, your ability to deal with negativity, to become less validation seeking, less reactive, and generally become more balanced […]

Ego: The False Center

From Beyond the Frontiers of the Mindby Osho The first thing to be understood is what ego is. A child is born. A child is born without any knowledge, any consciousness of his own self. And when a child is born the first thing he becomes aware of is not himself; the first thing he […]

Hours Unclocked

Your alarm rings, your eyes rapidly open as you gaze around trying to find the snooze button. You get up slowly and rub your eyes; you didn’t get to bed until 2 or 3 in the morning because you were too busy enjoying your time away from work. The measly 4-5 hours you get from […]


If I can define creativity in one sentence, it would be that creativity is the ability to create something that is both novel and useful. There are no thoughts that are purely original…all creative thoughts are built upon previous ones. This is why the Romantic image of the creative genius coming up with brilliant works […]

A Mental Approach To Training

A lot of people ask me about vertical jump training and want me to provide them with the exact same weight training/plyometric programs that I had used in the past to achieve a 40-inch vertical. However, everybody has a different body, and that each body goes through different stages of developments, and that no single […]

Meditation and Familiarity

In my experience, meditation is a broad term that is difficult to communicate effectively. The word meditation triggers a variety of thoughts influenced by culture, region, and religion. Some people will think visualization or inner peace or long sounds of OM. Others will think of meditation as a state with no thoughts or a state […]

No Regrets

He was 60 that summer, and deep inside his bones he knew that he would never see another one. Not that he cared – each of his 60 was worth another man’s 100, and he had seen enough to thoroughly understand life and therefore have no fear of death. He knew it was the heart […]

Tesla’s Instructions

To give a very brief introduction, Tesla lit the modern world. A glance at his Wiki tells us that he was historically significant; a more detailed study of the man creates an obsession with nearly anyone who performs it. At the peak of his power and fame Tesla was best friends with Mark Twain and […]

The Benefits Of Meditation

It has been observed that people of all ages experience stress in one form or another. Some may find the need for self improvement as a tool to deal with this added stress. One of the most effective methods for achieving this is to meditate and relax. Meditation is a very important factor in life […]